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Where to use Roller Shutter


Roller shutters have many applications including commercial, garages, Home, schools, Fire, Industrial and warehouses. They are also commonly used as window blinds in some European countries, such as Germany and Spain. In some parts of the world, roller shutters are subsidized by local Governments.


Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

The most popular type of Commercial Shutter is manufactured from Homic steel and we offer either 22g or 20g thicknesses depending on the size of door and where it is to be fitted. These doors can be powder coated to any RAL. or BS colour.

The Homic Roller Shutters are available in various ColorBond colours. You can use our online Color Visualiser to mix and match your colors.

When choosing shutters in Melbourne for a retail unit, a popular option is to have a perforated roller shutter door, which would allow customers to see goods on display after hours when the roller shutters are closed. However, they still offer a high level of security for even the most expensive of goods.


Here at Homic , we specialise in manufacturing and installing the highest quality roller garage doors throughout the Australia. Our roller doors are made to measure, making full use of the space available. We can provide a door fitted to meet your needs, no matter the size of your garage. Take a look at our fitted garage doors.

Our roller shutter garage doors are available in a range of colours, and are designed to maximise thermal efficiency. When you choose Homic in Melbourne, you can be certain that you will receive the highest quality service available. Alongside an in-house quality control team that inspects all manufactured doors prior to dispatch, we also have our own delivery network in Melbourne such as Cooper Street, Epping Plaza, Hume Freeway, Metropolitan Ring Road and Melbourne Wholesale Markets etc.

Should your garage door be the only access point for your garage, we can also install a discreet external override that allows you to enter your garage, if required. During times of emergency, this is an essential extra.

Use the door design tools below to create your perfect roller garage door, and receive an instant quote. Our prices are fully inclusive of measuring, fitting and VAT, with no hidden fees or charges.

home roller shutter


Roller shutters in Melbourne are an effective deterrent against thieves. If a thief searches for a home to break into, they usually choose the one with the most accessible entrance. Therefore, roller shutters are perfect if you travel often and leave your house unattended for prolonged periods.

Designed and tested in Australia, Zipscreen promises to unlock your home’s hidden potential, without the time-consuming stress and cost of traditional renovations.

Roller shutters also provide you with a good deal of control over how much light enters the space. For instance, you may opt to darken a room by closing the shutters all the way, or you may leave them open to allow the light through. It’s all up to you.


We are offering here the Industrial Rolling Shutter of various types that are generally common in factories, workshops, warehouses and other places. They are durable, sturdy and reliable, and start up very quickly and without noise. It is a door constructed from many individual steel or aluminium horizontal slats and operated by rolling the slats around a barrel directly up or down with the assistance of either a spring or an electric motor (or both) and guides either side to hold the curtain secure in place. The offered Industrial Rolling Shutter is very efficient and made for use in the various places.

industrial roller shutter


Homic Roller Shutter specialized Fire Doors are designed to compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire meeting the most stringent requirements of life safety in commercial and industrial establishments. These doors not only complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems but also ensure optimal personal safety.

1. Fully flush surfaces with wall system.
2. A large variety of swing out constuctional doors.
3. Door hardware by world market leading manufacturers.
4. Custom dimensions available.
5. Heavy-duty structure for high durability.
6. Type: Shaft Doors , Emergency Doors, Hollow Metal Doors.