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Benefit of Roller Shutters


There are some great reasons to get Roller Shutters for your home or business site. Shutters are fitted on the outside of the window. You might also know roller shutters as window shutters, modern shutters or outdoor roller shutters.


Being protected by potential break-ins is of the utmost importance to people in Australia. Unfortunately home invasions are not an infrequent possibility as we would like to think!

Being prepared can drastically reduce the chance of it happening to you. Homic Roller shutters give great protection from break ins as it discourages a thief to even think about breaking in if they see a security shutter on the window.

Security shutters are very common with commercial premises because of the high level of security they offer. There is no simple way to get through the shutter without bringing excessive tools and making a lot of noise in the process.

shutter bay window after
sun protection roller shutter


How to escape the heat during the summer with Roller Shutters

During the summer months roller shutters in Melbourne offer a solution that does not rely on mains power and provides a simple yet important solution to homes in Melbourne, Australia. Once installed they have little to no energy cost to function.

Roller shutters work by covering the windows externally with a covering that reflects the sunlight and stops UV light getting into the window. Stopping the heat from the source.

Polyurethane foam injected into the slat during the roll forming process is the highest insulating foam on the market, which allows you to save up to 40% on your energy bill but also stops up to 90% thermal transfer of energy through the window.

Most importantly it dramatically reduces temperature in the room and makes the whole house much easier to temperature control, whilst relying much less on air conditioning and saving massively on energy bills.


Roller shutters can keep you and your home safe in the worst of storms Australia has to offer.

You can of course cover the windows outside with fabric or something less significant. But it just does not compare to having roller shutters which are far more an aesthetically pleasing solution that provides a practical solution at the same time. Different types of roller shutters doors are accessible in the market, which not only enhances the look of the structure but also protects it from harsh weather conditions and burglary.

Roller shutters also have huge benefits with storm protection and can give protection from bush fires.

If there is a storm approaching then its good to have a plan and roller shutters enable you to reduce the chances of high winds causing damage to windows.


Roller shutters add benefits of noise reduction, which is highly beneficial if you live in an area with lots of traffic driving past on a daily basis. The Aluminium roller shutters offer insulated solutions, which are specifically designed to reduce the impact of cars and other loud vehicles such as trains and trucks.


If you are unfortunate enough to have car headlights, or streetlights coming through your window then having roller shutters can completely stop the impact of bright light these have at night time as well as giving the security and temperature control that roller shutters provide.